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Benefits of a Silo Dust Collector

LPR Silo Dust Collectors: Efficient, Low Maintenance & Affordable

In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, bulk material producers and handlers are constantly seeking effective and efficient solutions to enhance production efficiency, ensure employee and plant safety, and uphold environmental standards. A complete dust collection solution is designed to capture fugitive dust to accomplish just that.

Among the top-performing dust collection solutions, producers across a range of heavy industries like Ready-Mix, Concrete, Cement and Aggregates can choose between silo (or bin vent) dust collectors and ducted central collectors. When storing materials in silos, it’s important to understand your application’s specific dust collection needs to identify which style of dust collector is right for you.

If you are a producer looking for a compact, user-friendly solution to capture fugitive emissions, keep reading to explore how C&W’s Silo Dust Collectors can help you meet the demands of your world.

Provides Localized Collection with a Smaller Footprint

Silo Dust Collectors are typically positioned on top of individual silos, where they efficiently capture, and control dust emissions generated at the source during material handling and storing. With the collector directly connected to the silo’s venting system, this configuration minimizes the need for ducting. By controlling dust directly at the source, these units provide an efficient way to capture fugitive emissions as air is displaced during material loading. It also provides a compact, space-saving alternative to a central dust collector and ducting system.

These individual units are designed to grow with you, expanding to higher capacities without having to replace the existing unit or requiring a larger footprint. For example, C&W’s LPR unit can house anywhere from four to eight filter cartridges. The number of cartridges is dependent on the specific application needs, including airflow rates, materials being used, filtration requirements, among others.


If you want to learn more about engineering a high-performing silo dust collection system, click here.

Protect Silo & Process Integrity

Individual silo collectors are designed to protect the integrity of your silos and your operations. During the filling process, pressure builds within the silo. Without the proper pressure safety technologies and venting, this process may pose a risk to the structural integrity of your silos. This puts not only your operation at risk, but the well-being of your employees as well.

Silo collectors are also designed to protect the integrity of the filling process, properly capturing fugitive emissions to avoid production shutdowns and regulatory fines. When coupled with the right technologies, like an Anti-Overfill System, Pressure Relief Valves, and more, your Silo Dust Collector can be used to effectively protect your processes while ensuring fugitive dust emissions are properly captured.

Reduces Maintenance Time

For many, Silo Dust Collectors can minimize maintenance requirements – making them a preferred choice for producers seeking an efficient and hassle-free solution. From pulse-jet and shaker cleaning technologies that automatically clean filters to pressure gauge adaptor mounting kits that allow operators to access readings at ground level, C&W’s Silo Dust Collectors are custom engineered to simplify maintenance tasks, reduce downtime and optimize system performance.

The simplicity of these systems also inherently reduces maintenance time. With no ducting systems in need of inspection, monitoring airflow becomes simpler.

Learn how C&W’s LPR Silo Collectors are designed to safeguard operators while performing regular procedures and maintenance – such as filter media replacements or daily gauge checks – on the collector at elevated heights.

Safeguard Your System

To protect the integrity of your silo, leverage Silo Saver Systemsincluding an Alarm Warning Panel, Pressure Sensor, High Level Indicator and Pinch Valve – for high-level protection. These systems help producers manage and prevent the overfill of material and excess pressurization that could negatively impact your employees and processes.

Looking for a centralized dust collection solution?

Stay tuned to learn how a network approach may help optimize dust collector utilization and streamline maintenance efforts.

Whether your application requires a Low-Profile Round (LPR) or a Central Dust Collector, our team of experts is ready to help you get the most effective dust collector for your operational needs.

Contact THE dust collection experts today to learn more about the benefits of a Silo Dust Collector.

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