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Improve Bottom-Line Impact with Dust Collection

Improve Bottom-Line Impact with Dust Collection

How the Right Dust Collection System Improves Bottom-Line Performance

To improve your bottom-line performance, secure the right dust collection system and keep it up and running.

No matter the application, dust collection is critical to a facility’s operations – especially in heavy industries like Ready-Mix, Concrete, Cement Production and Mining. Dust collection systems allow businesses to comply with stringent standards and protect the safety of employees, assets and communities. Heavy, abrasive dust comes with many other inherent risks – wasted material, dirty plants, pollution, and workplace safety.

Once in the air, dust can also present basic health and safety risks, and impact your company’s bottom-line performance in many ways:

All dust presents the risk of inhalation that can impact a worker’s lungs, heart, respiratory system and more.

Not being compliant with OSHA and EPA standards and regulations can lead to fines and potential shutdown.

Dust settles onto floors, machinery, workspaces and more. This impacts machine performance requires additional maintenance hours, increases risk of falls, and limits visibility.

Some dust also poses a combustion or explosion risk, putting your employees and operations in danger.

Escaped dust emissions can potentially harm the surrounding community, negatively impacting your relationships with neighbors and your reputation.

Employee satisfaction will suffer, and turnover will increase, with employees not seeing a clear and visible commitment to their health and safety.

Benefits of a Customized Dust Collector

The right upfront investment in dust collection system – including a properly sized system, filters, airflow and setup – can have a positive impact on your bottom line through:

  • Increased production efficiencies.
  • Minimized employee safety risk.
  • Healthier work environments.
  • Preserved product integrity.
  • Maximized uptime.
  • Improved employee morale.
  • Enhanced equipment performance and longevity.
  • Eliminated monetary fines from the EPA, OSHA or MSHA.

Additionally, a properly engineered system can collect reusable materials to eliminate unnecessary scrap, decrease material costs and drive efficiencies throughout your entire process.


A dust collection system is not just a one-time expense. It’s an investment that should be evaluated with a long-term ROI in mind. Regular proactive investments in maintenance and proper operation ensure that you protect what matters most and maximize your bottom-line results.

This focus on maintenance is critical to ensure that your dust collection system continues to perform at a high level. Properly cleaning, maintaining and replacing your filters, ducting and other components will help eliminate escaped emissions and production stoppages. An improperly maintained collector can also hurt your ability to keep your plant up and running due to both EPA, OSHA and MSHA regulations, and malfunctioning equipment.

In summary, here are the three ways you can put this learning into action.

1. Know Your Dust

Knowing your dust, or working with someone who does, will help you make informed decisions about the right collector for your facility.

2. Specify the Proper Equipment

Improperly sized collectors can cause serious inefficiencies that impact production and increase operating costs.

3. Invest in Ongoing Maintenance

Regular investments in proactive maintenance and proper operation ensure that your facility stays up and running.

When it comes to maximizing your dust collection investment, turn to the clean air technology experts. C&W DustTech’s dust collection systems can help you capture 99.9% of fugitive dust. That means you can focus on ensuring a clean air future for the world we live and work in. We won’t settle until you can.

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