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Keeping a Pulse on C&W DustTech & The Industry

Welcome to the second 2022 issue of The Pulse! We’re excited to share new company updates, industry news and insights to drive meaningful change in YOUR operation. These past several months have been busy as we’ve seen growth and increased demand in the industries we serve. At the same time, we continue to face labor and supply chain constraints, and are grateful to our partners and team members who are working hard to ensure our customers have access to the dust collectors, accessories and replacement parts you need. Amongst this continued uncertainty, the entire C&W DustTech team remains focused on ensuring you have access to the dust collectors, accessories and replacement parts you need. Our talented employees are our most critical asset in designing and engineering custom dust collection systems for a range of heavy industries. That’s why I’m excited to share several exciting updates with you today:

Steve Duncan is now Chief Operating Officer/General Manager of C&W DustTech!

After nearly 20 years with C&W, Steve embodies the Dust Settles. We Don’t.™ culture, and we are excited for the contribution Steve continues to make as part of our leadership team. Read more on page 4.

C&W DustTech recently launched its new Mission, Vision, Values and Core Competencies.

This messaging was developed by a cross-functional team of C&W DustTech employees. This messaging reaffirms to our team the importance of accelerating customer and partner success. Read more on page 3.

I am truly energized about the work that the C&W DustTech team has accomplished over the last several months. We’ve all faced a number of challenges in navigating supply chain and capacity issues, but our team has met these challenges with the same ‘Never Settle’ attitude that ensures our customers are taken care of. I am personally passionate about aligning and engaging our highly talented team to grow both personally and professionally and am enthused about how the team can take pride in and own our Core Values to drive greater value across the board. One individual who continues to elevate the value that C&W can deliver is Steve Duncan. With his promotion to COO/General Manager, Steve is set to continue to leverage his fundamental understanding of C&W, the industries we serve, our products and our customers for greater effectiveness. Steve brings deep technical and operations knowledge to the leadership team, which continues to be a valuable asset as we continue our strategic planning for the future. Please join me in congratulating Steve on this exciting promotion!

Bill Werra ­ President

As a proud C&W team member for almost 20 years, I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue my career as Chief Operating Officer/General Manager. We have an incredibly engaged team of individuals from the shop floor to the sales team who are ready to make an impact for our partners and our customers. I look forward to continuing to work with you all to accelerate our success. And like most manufacturers, we’re facing the same supply chain and labor capacity issues. One of my key responsibilities is to focus on how we can anticipate and overcome these issues. For one, we’re purchasing larger quantities of materials and parts where possible to ensure we can fulfill all dust collector orders and give you easier access to replacement parts. We’re also working to evolve and expand our vendor network to ensure we have the capacity to support all of our customers’ needs. And finally, our engineering team is hard at work, evaluating minor unit redesigns that can overcome issues with components that may be back ordered.

Steve Duncan Chief Operating Officer/General Manager

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Building for the Future

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