Employee Spotlights


Our talented and dedicated employees are THE driver behind our ability to never settle on behalf of our customers! Below, learn about exciting executive news and meet two of our employees who live out the C&W core values every day.

Steve Duncan


We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Duncan to Chief Operating Officer/General Manager! In this expanded role, Steve will continue to manage the company’s day-to-day operations, as well as assume a greater role in driving organic company growth, strategic planning and execution in partnership with Bill Werra, as well as expanded administrative oversite. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Steve continues to build on his passion for creating a positive company culture and is excited for the bright future of C&W DustTech. Congratulations, Steve!

Pedro Sanchez

Lead Man Bay 3

C&W Employee Since: June 27, 2000

Starting his C&W career more than 22 years ago, Pedro has worked hard to master manufacturing competencies to solve some of our most unique customer challenges. Initially joining our team as a welder, Pedro has played an instrumental role in the fabrication of many dust collection systems we still use today, as well as the redesign of critical parts including, RA Air Horns, Recycle Bases, Pulse Tanks and many more. He has set the standard for high-quality work which was the driving force behind his promotion to Lead Man in Bay 3 in 2018.

In this current role, Pedro supervises the team that specializes in designing and manufacturing small collectors, sub-assemblies and accessories. Additionally, he works closely with Shop Leadership and the Engineering Department to ensure the team’s accuracy on Bill of Materials (BOMs) and estimated job times. As customer needs and expectations become more demanding, Pedro’s ‘Never Settle’ mindset plays an increasingly important role in solving the most complex problems for our customers. Over the course of his career, Pedro has remained steadfast in his commitment to produce quality work and deliver exactly what customers are looking for in a dust collection solution. He has truly gained the respect of every person at C&W by his relentless work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond.

Pedro's C&W Recognitions

Shop Employee of the Year

2015, 2020

20 Year Anniversary Milestone


When asked what Core Values Pedro upholds every day at C&W, his colleagues said:

Pedro has both the determination and perseverance to do whatever it takes to help his team members on the shop floor and deliver high-quality work for our customers.

He holds paramount the quality, safety and health of all customers, employees and the general public.

We look to Pedro as a true leader on the shop floor. He treats everyone with respect and creates a culture of honesty and trust.

He has mastered a discipline in manufacturing excellence and pushes us all to instill quality into all that we do and all that we make.

Joshua Starnes

Regional Sales Manager

C&W Employee Since: October 2015

For nearly 7 years, Joshua has served C&W as Regional Sales Manager focused on the Northwestern and Midwestern United States. He plays a key part in supporting C&W’s growth into new markets including Cement. Recently, Joshua participated in the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference 2022 to better understand how C&W’s competencies in Ready-Mix Concrete can accelerate success in cement applications. Joshua brings a hunger to learn and help our team understand how we can apply our core competencies to applications in adjacent markets. His tenacity and commitment to anticipate customer needs is why he’s such a valued asset of our team. Joshua always looks at challenges with a positive attitude and possesses innate leadership qualities that makes people gravitate towards him. We are grateful to have him on our team!

Joshua's C&W Recognition

5 Year Anniversary Milestone


According to his colleagues, the Core Values that Joshua exemplifies every day are:

Joshua has a passion for stepping out of his comfort zone to learn how we can better help customers and the industry.

He constantly looks for ways to help his colleagues and creates a positive environment of continuous improvement.

Joshua approaches every day with a smile on his face and energizes everyone around him to do the best that they can.

With a commitment to continuously improve, Joshua instills quality into everything he does – whether it’s figuring out a solution for a customer or supporting a cross-functional team – he is always there to help.

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