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Transfer Systems

Transfer Systems

Moving Materials Throughout Your Operation

Efficiently and effectively transferring materials between storage silos, mixers, or discharge points is crucial to every operation. Leveraging the knowledge we’ve gained from engineering complete dust collection systems, we understand the importance of making sure production processes run smoothly.

Bringing that knowledge and expertise to our customers, C&W DustTech’s transfer systems are ideal for moving sand, cement and other materials without the risk of the products being contaminated or lost. They play a crucial role in the moving, mixing, heating, and cooling processes of cement manufacturing. In addition to safety, an effective transfer system can offer increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Transfer Systems

C&W’s automatic transfer systems features a “table top” design that provides a heavy-duty structural steel frame and a ridged mounting platform for the blower, motor and drive. The systems move the cement onto trucks, bulk containers, railcars, and sea transportation for final transport.


Features and benefits of C&W Transfer Systems include:

  • AMDD blower package: Includes all the standard equipment of the AirMac blower package, including motor/blower, direct drive, inlet filter, check and relief valves, pressure gauge, and the steel base.
  • Rotary vane feeder: Rotary vane feeder features a hardened, chrome-plated, gray cast iron inner body, gray cast iron end plates, and a cast iron rotor with tips. Size based on desired material transfer rate. Air purge system included for longer bearing life.
  • Blow-through box: Allows efficient transfer of material from the rotary vane feeder into the transfer line. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.
  • Electrical control panel: Available for 220V or 440V, our control panel is housed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof cabinet. It features a main fused quick disconnect, transformer, sequential timers, and manual push button controls. In addition, includes motor starter, fuses, and overload heaters.
  • Transfer line: 14’ of heavy-duty pneumatic transfer hose with fittings provided between blower and blow-through box.
  • Operation: System is designed to automatically transfer material from day silo to an active silo via signals received from the customers existing high and low level bindicators.
Model:Horse PwrTons per hrVane Feeder
AMT 60-146026-3514”

An optional control panel is available and may be ordered separately. The panel includes a quick disconnect, motor starter, manual on/off switch, run light on the face of the unit, and connect point for remote start/stop.

Item #Blower PowerBlower Voltage
EC002-3-2403 hp230 V
EC002-3-4803 hp480 V
EC002-5-2405 hp230 V
EC002-5-4805 hp480 V

Aeration blowers are ideal for ventilating cement silos, as well as ensuring that raw materials remain in motion. C&W’s aeration blowers are in either 3 HP or 5 HP models, both equipped with an inlet filter and 3M Sutorbilt motor.



An optional Electrical Control Panel is available and may be ordered separately. The panel includes a quick disconnect, motor starter, manual on/off switch, run light on the face of the unit, and connect point for remote start/ stop. Control Panel is shipped loose.

Blower Horse Power3 HP5 HP
Blower CFM90140
Type of Motor3M Sutorbilt3M Sutorbilt
Blower RPM2020 RPM3020 RPM
Maximum Relief Setting4 PSIG5 PSIG
Approx. Weight (lbs.)400430
Aeration Pad Capacity*1828
*Standard Aeration Pads require 3-5 CFM each. Aeration Pad Capacity is based on each pad requiring 5 CFM.

Basic or silenced, the need for blowers on individual tanker trucks is eliminated with the AirMac blower package, featuring a Gardner Denver Blower. The blower package reduces wear on your trucks, decreases fuel usage, lowers maintenance costs, and speeds up operations with a quick truck turnaround.


Features and benefits of C&W’s Blowers include:

  • Blower: Positive displacement rotary lobe design with synthetic lubricant.
  • Motor Premium Efficiency: TEFC, 220/440/3/60, Class F insulation, E Pak efficiency 1.15 S.F.
  • Direct drive: Non-lubricated EPDM rubber element, 1.5 S.F. with enclosed guard.
  • Relief valve: Sized for full capacity, spring style design.
  • Discharge check valve: Eliminates back-flow of material in the blower.


  • Air pressure gauge: Features a stainless steel case with liquid-filled dial face.
  • Inlet Filter: Heavy-duty, oversized with replaceable dry element.
  • Lubricant level gauge: Allows quick view of blower lubricant level.
  • Steel base: Rugged construction provides superior mounting platform with lifting lugs.
  • Silencers: both in and out.
Model: AMDD203040506075
Package Performance
Rated Pressure12 PSI12 PSI15 PSI15 PSI15 PSI15 PSI
Air Flow CFM310470460460690920
Capacity Est. Ton per Hr.14-2014-2218-2518-2524-5045-57
Drive Motor
Motor RPM3500 RPM3525 RPM3500 RPM3500 RPM3500 RPM3500 RPM
Service Factor1.15% SF1.15% SF1.15% SF1.15% SF1.15% SF1.15% SF
Blower Size404406406406409412

Keep your transfer system fully operational with our replacement parts and products.