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Is It Time to Change Your Dust Collector’s Filter Media?

Is It Time to Change Your Dust Collector’s Filter Media?

Is It Time to Change Your Dust Collector’s Filter Media?

Ensure Better Air Quality & Productivity by Replacing Your Dust Collection Filters

Filter media is one of the most important parts of your dust collection system – but unfortunately, due to dust’s abrasive properties – filters, cartridges or bags don’t last forever.

As an industry leader in manufacturing dust collection technologies, we recognize not only the importance of identifying the right filter media for your application upfront, but helping you know when it’s time to replace them. Here are three key signs and considerations to know when it’s time to replace your dust collector filters.  

High Differential Pressure (DP)

The first indicator of poor filter condition is the differential pressure gauge. A dust collector filter reaches the end of its usability when it has become deep-loaded with dust particles and can no longer remove the dust needed to handle the required level of airflow. This occurs over an extended period as dust penetrates the filter media and cannot be removed during the system’s cleaning cycle. Once the DP is too high it prevents sufficient airflow for the process – clogging your entire operation.

At C&W, our differential pressure gauge parts measure the cleanliness and efficiency of your filters. This helps take the guesswork out of knowing when your filters need to be cleaned or replaced – giving you a real-time view of your filter’s performance.

Timing is Everything

Relying on a manufacturer’s recommended replacement timing versus filter performance detector technology when deciding to replace your filter media may lead to inefficiencies and potentially dangerous conditions. Changing a dust collector’s filters too early adds an unnecessary expense and maintenance time that could be better spent on more urgent matters – BUT, changing a filter too late runs the risk of exposing workers to hazardous dust or potential combustion risk.

With the right technology, it’s almost impossible to forget when it’s time for replacements. Replacing dust collector filters at the right time is essential to ensure a clean and safe working environment, keep maintenance costs down and meet stringent EPA and OSHA regulations.

For C&W’s Cartridge and Bag Pulse Dust Collectors, when the minihelic gauge reads higher than 8”, the filters need to be replaced. And for RA Units, the filters need to be replaced when the gauge reads 6” or higher.

Improper Filter Media Size Specification

If you recently purchased new replacement filter media, make sure you have the correct dimensions and specifications to ensure they work with the original dust collector system. Improperly sized filter media will not perform optimally – causing excessive dust leakage (or “dusting”).

If you’re not sure which size is required for your unit, you can reach out directly to the manufacturer or one of our dust collection specialists for support.

Baghouse dusting is noted when there are visible emissions coming from the collector fan discharge.

Keeping Employees Healthy and Safe

Keeping your dust collection equipment and systems in proper operating condition is critical to building a better, cleaner world. It’s also one of the most important steps you can take to keep your employees safe. Absent a properly maintained filter, you’re creating the opportunity for fugitive dust that can pose many risks to employees. These may include slip and fall accidents due to dust settled on surfaces, risk of inhaling dust that can pose a safety threat, or even combustion risk if dust isn’t properly collected and managed.

Beyond the safety of your employees, going too long before changing your filter media can also compromise the efficiency of your operations. Ensure your equipment outperforms to exceed stringent air quality regulations, maximize product recovery, keep operations running safely and improve air quality in the world we all share.

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