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Why Clean Air Technologies Are More Important Than Ever

Why Clean Air Technologies Are More Important Than Ever

From corporate initiatives to public policy to new regulatory requirements, environmental issues are at the top of many agendas. For heavy industries like Ready-Mix Concrete, Cement Production, and Mining, the issue is critical given the visibility of your operations and the amount of dust generated. Organizations like the EPA, OSHA and MSHA are stepping up their efforts to ensure regulatory compliance. At the same time, the pressure is on to create increasingly stringent requirements as consumer concerns about the environment heighten.

76% of consumers say they will discontinue partnerships with companies that treat employees, communities and the environment poorly.

Realizing the Benefits of Clean Air Technologies

At C&W DustTech, we’ve got you covered. We won’t settle until your operations are up and running with dust collection systems that make your plants part of a better, safer world.

With a singular focus on dust for heavy industry, we’re putting our knowledge and experience to work designing and engineering the industry’s highest performing dust collection systems. You can count on us to protect your employees, neighbors and the environment, and safeguard your brand and reputation.

The journey to a clean air future begins with a clear understanding of the benefits of the right dust collector for your operations. Let’s take a look at the hidden benefits you may be missing.

More Than Keeping Employees Safe, Improve Employee Relationships

Creating safe work environments has long been an important concern. Today that’s just the ante. The right dust collection system will ensure employees are happier and healthier and feel good about working for you. With the labor shortage at an all-time high, a best-in-class work environment can give you a competitive advantage as employees understand your commitment to their safety.

A Look Inside

Take silica dust, a respirable particle found in sand, stone, concrete and mortar. If uncaptured, this dust can cause serious diseases. Dust collection systems – with well-placed pickup points, ducting, a properly sized collector and a disposal system – are one of three OSHA-recommended controls to protect your team.

Turn the Hidden Costs of Dust into a Cost Advantage

In an environment where profits are squeezed by rising labor and equipment costs, every opportunity to reduce your spend is critical. Beyond posing a threat to safety, fugitive dust is an unnecessary expense and a significant waste stream. A properly designed dust collection system turns these hidden costs into a cost advantage.

A Look Inside

For one customer’s bead blasting process, C&W’s complete dust collection solution featured a robust recycle system. In its first two years of operation, this system reclaimed 25-30% of fugitive dust to be added back into the process. The customer improved working conditions and air quality for employees, and measurable cost savings. The reduced waste stream alone saved an estimated $225,000.

Engineer the Right Solution

We know the criticality of the right dust collection system – on the health and wellbeing of your employees and communities, and on your overall bottom line. Our goal is to help you set the performance standard through investments in clean air technologies that will protect your people, processes and assets.

Increase Jobsite Efficiency in Mobile Operations

For operations on-the-go, like bridge construction, systems can include a mobile collector. C&W’s mobile dust collectors, significantly improve jobsite efficiency, while ensuring better air quality from site to site. These collectors are designed to move from one location to the next and don’t require a permit for highway travel or a crane for set-up. This reduces time on the job, while providing an affordable, safe solution.

Capturing 99.9% of your fugitive dust, C&W’s dust collection systems are designed to exceed increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll help you protect your brand and build your reputation as a company driving meaningful change. When it comes to your dust collection system, don’t settle for less.

To get started, here are three ways you can integrate Clean Air Technologies into your operation.

1. Know your requirements.

Regulatory, employee and customer expectations are changing. Make sure your dust collection system exceeds these requirements today and in the future.

2. Invest time in upkeep.

Regular cleaning and replacement of filters, inpecting system elements and having an expert on-call, will ensure your systems run at maximum performance.

3. Talk to an expert.

When it comes to dust collection, don’t guess. Tap into the expertise you need to make informed decisions that will generate the results you’re looking for.

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